A painful snack for Lizzi

Meet Lizzi, a one year old British Shorthair with the most amazing golden eyes. Lizzi came to us as she had been vomiting and lethargic for the past week. Blood tests and x-rays of her abdomen were not helpful and we were very puzzled as to why she was unwell. Lizzi continued to vomit and also seemed to have tummy pain. We sometimes thought we could feel a mass in her abdomen but is was very elusive. Our next step was to examine her abdomen using ultrasound. In this way we can examine the internal structure of all the major abdominal organs. Lizzi's tummy checked out well except for her stomach which clearly showed an abnormality. It appeared that she had swallowed a foreign object & that it was still present in the lower part of the stomach.

Lizzi had an operation the next day and a long piece of laminating plastic was duly removed. The plastic strip was over 10cm long (pictured below)!
Lizzi's owner did a lot of laminating at home and there were often many off-cuts scattered about. Lizzi had exercised her feline curiosity and took it upon herself to eat one! We can only imagine how much effort it took to swallow! The strip curled up in her stomach and caused her to vomit and feel very unwell.

Lizzi has since made a full recovery and now her owner is very careful not to leave anything in her path that might get the better of her curiosity.


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