Angus Loses His Appetite


This month we touch on a scary subject for some, exploratory abdominal surgery. This procedure recently saved the life of Angus, a 10 year old male Golden Retriever and a much loved member of the Searles family.

Angus came to us last week as his owners, Jude and David, had noticed he had not eaten for three days. This was a long time for the food lover and they knew something was not right.  Despite our best efforts to get him eating he deteriorated and began vomiting.

We have some of the best technology available for imaging our patients in the least invasive way. Angus had full blood and urine tests and an abdominal ultrasound, yet they were not enough to give us the complete answer. We decided, with Jude and David, that exploratory abdominal surgery was needed as something was clearly causing Angus big problems.

Ultrasound and radiographs provide us with highly detailed images to predict and diagnose a patient’s condition, however exploratory surgery is often needed to reach the final diagnosis.
Angus was taken into theatre for this exact reason and to everyone’s delight a good outcome was achieved. Angus had eaten a corn cob and this was causing an obstruction in his bowel.

Angus was not your typical bowel obstruction case, but ultimately diagnosis and correction of the problem could be made with surgery. Our vets and nurses are highly skilled in anaesthesia and pain relief to make the process as easy as possible for our patients, and only 3 days later Angus was back to his normal self. Surgery in Angus’ case had a second benefit. Being 10 years old we were able to physically look at all his organs and rule out any signs of nasty tumours beginning to form.

We are all thrilled to see that Angus has made a full recovery from his procedure, and we know how much happier he and the Searles family are to have him home. 

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Angus Loses his appetite
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