Bailey gets teeth removed

Bailey is a 7 year old Cavoodle that was seen recently at Adelaide Animal Hospital for his health check and annual vaccination.

On physical examination the vet noticed that Bailey had some infected teeth. This was noted as there was gingivitits present and plaque build up on the teeth. Gum disease is caused by plaque build up and infection. It is a painful and common condition for pets with more than 80% of dogs and cats having some form of it. The only way to get the teeth clean and to make Bailey more comfortable was to remove the infected teeth and scale and polish the rest of the teeth under a general anaesthetic.

Bailey was booked in to have the procedure soon after the check up. Under general anaesthetic the vet was able to assess all the teeth thoroughly. The vet discovered another couple of small incisors that were also infected, so they were also extracted. All the rest of the teeth were scaled with an ultrasonic scaler and polished.

Bailey was able to go home later that day, he recovered well and had nice clean teeth to show off to his family! We used dissolvable sutures in Bailey's mouth so he was required to have soft food only for a week whilst his mouth was healing. After a week he was able to be slowly introduced back onto his normal diet.

If you think your pet is showing signs of gum disease (bad breath, bleeding gums, reluctance to eat), it is important that treatment is started immediately before any irreversible changes occur. Just contact one of our healthcare team members and make an appointment with your veterinarian for a check up.

Before the dental procedure infection was evident
Before the dental procedure infection was evident
Bailey's teeth are scaled and cleaned and the infected tooth removed
Bailey's teeth are scaled and cleaned and the infected tooth removed
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