Beau Bounces Back

Beau is usually a very bubbly, friendly Kelpie, however when he arrived at our Adelaide Hills Animal Hospital to see Dr. Nina Coulthard on a Wednesday evening in April he was nothing of the sort. 

Beau relaxing in the pool

Shortly before Beau arrived he had been hit by a car. He was in shock, had internal bleeding and a very large traumatic inguinal hernia. This meant that when he tried, very bravely, to stand, his abdominal contents would fall through ‘the gap’ in his muscles and cause a large swelling on the inside of his right leg. 

After being stabilised, Beau was transferred to our Trinity Gardens clinic where he underwent repair the following day for his inguinal hernia with Dr David Mason. This surgery involved moving his abdominal contents from just under his skin back into his abdomen. After this, his abdominal muscles had to be reconstructed to close the 'gap'.
He stayed in the hospital for few days, ensuring adequate pain management and strict confinement, before going home to recover further. 

Almost three weeks later Beau is feeling much better and struggling to remember why he should be taking it easy! Thanks to the dedication of his owner, Jaimi, Beau is one very lucky dog!

For information about what to do if your dog is hit by a car, visit: 


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