Bella's road to recovery

Bella is a very special rabbit who has had a few surgeries to fix her dislocated hips. She suffers from a deformity of the hip joint called hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is more commonly found in certain breeds of dog and very rarely in rabbits. Bella's first visit to the clinic was on New Year's Day when suddenly she became lame on one back leg. She was given some pain relief and radiographs were taken which showed Bella's dislocated hips. Surgery was performed to replace the hips and secure them in their sockets.

The surgery went well but unfortunately days later Bella's hips had became dislocated again. It was clear that no repair, no matter how strong, would hold Bella's hips in the correct position. It was decided that the removal of the heads of each hip would be required to create a 'false joint' which would allow pain-free motion and Bella to regain the use of her legs.
It has been a trying time for Bella. It has been three months after the surgery and Bella is still coming to the hospital every day for rehabilitation. The nurses in the hospital perform physiotherapy every few hours to help her free up her joints and use her legs like a normal rabbit again. When Bella is at home, her very dedicated owner performs this physiotherapy on a regular basis. Bella has a special "rabbit cart" that was designed for her to help her with her mobility.

While it has been a long road to recovery but thanks to her committed mum, Bella should soon be hopping around the house as good as new!

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