Belle's emergency surgery

The normally sprightly 15 week old domestic short haired kitten Belle suddenly became unwell. Her owners immediately brought her in to Adelaide Animal Hospital. Poor Belle was very unwell and sad. She didn't want to eat her breakfast, had a very sore tummy and a high temperature.

Belle's diagnosis

Blood tests, x-rays, and an ultrasound were performed, showing that Belle had a foreign object stuck in her intestines. Brave Belle underwent emergency surgery, where the remnant of a clothing price tag was removed. A few hours after recovering from surgery, Belle was back to her happy self, and after a short hospital stay she was sent home to continue her recovery with her family.

Kittens will often play with toys, tags, and strings that can be swallowed, causing an obstruction, The quick action taken by Belle's owners, bringing her into the vet as soon as they noticed she was unwell, meant that Belle was able to be quickly diagnosed and treated. If you think your pet has ingested something foreign it is vital that they are presented to a vet as soon as possible.



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