Buddy's Close Call after Licking Petrol

Buddy, the normally happy and healthy four and a half year old, Maltese x Shih Tzu was rushed into Adelaide Animal Hospitals after his owner had found him having a seizure.

Buddy was admitted immediately to the hospital as he had a very high temperature, was un-responsive and actively fitting. Our veterinary team acted immediately giving him intravenous fluids and anti-seizure medication.

Buddy was in a coma, his airway was kept open with a tube into his windpipe and he needed assistance to breathe. Over the next half an hour, his heart rate started to slow. Buddy had a cardiac arrest, his heart stopped. Our expert veterinary team performed CPR and were able to bring Buddy back to life.

Still in a critical but now stable condition, breathing on his own, Buddy had his stomach pumped. This revealed that he had ingested some petrol, enough to have caused him to seizure and if left untreated may have ended his life. Buddy remained in intensive care in the hospital. Over the next few days Buddy stabilized, continued to improve and was able to be discharged.

A Message for all Pet Owners

Buddy’s owners recounted that prior to his seizure, they were out on their normal morning walk, and Buddy had licked something from the road. Petrol hydrocarbons, though not a common toxin, can be easily ingested by pets from roads, driveways or even in your garage. The quick actions of Buddy’s owners' to bring him into see us and the emergency treatment provided by our team meant that Buddy is still alive and enjoying a normal happy life today.

If you are walking your dog near roads, driveways or they have access to your garage keep them well away from petrol spills and ensure any spills around the home and garden are cleaned up immediately. 

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