Footballers injury for Ozzie the American Bulldog

Ozzie is a one year old American Bulldog, who came into the clinic limping one December day. His owner explained that Ozzie had been out playing with other dogs at the park the day before. Dr David Mason examined Ozzie's leg and was suspicious he may have ruptured his cruciate ligament; this meant that Ozzie would have to be anaesthetised and have an x-ray to see exactly how badly he had damaged his leg. Once Ozzie was anaesthetised, Dr Mason was able to examine the knee joint better. A ruptured cruciate ligament was confirmed and the next step was orthopedic surgery to fix the ligament.

The surgery lasted three hours with lots of pain relief, antibiotics and one big plate inserted on the inside of his knee. When his owner came to visit him, after the surgery, Ozzie was recovering well in the recovery room. He was very happy to see her, yet very drowsy from the anesthetic.

Once home Ozzie had to be confined for six weeks with little or no exercise so that his leg could heal as planned. After two rechecks with Dr Mason and six long weeks of doing nothing, Ozzie was ready to start hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy consists of six weeks of underwater treadmill work out and lots of swimming, which Ozzie enjoyed quite a bit.

Now that Ozzie has recovered he is able to run around like a normal dog and have lots of doggy fun with mum watching his every move to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

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