Gingivitis found on Monty's gums

Monty is a 12 year old Maltese x Shih Tzu that came to our Goodwood Veterinary Clinic for his wellness checkup and annual vaccinations. During a thorough physical examination it was found that Monty had gingivitis along most of his gums and a large amount of plaque and calculus accumulation on his teeth.

Monty showing off his sparkling clean teeth

Monty was then booked in to have the dental procedure soon after the check up. A general anaesthetic was performed in order to completely examine his teeth with the use of dental probe equipment. This examination helps determine what teeth need to come out due to infection or instability and which teeth are otherwise strong and healthy but need a scale and polish to remove the plaque and tartar. Local anaesthetic was placed into the nerves supplying Monty’s teeth and seven teeth were identified as needing removal.

Monty's ears were also checked while under anaesthetic and an infection was found deep in the canal of the right ear. The ear was then flushed and cleaned out and a course of ear drop medications was started.

Monty was then woken up from his anaesthetic from which he recovered well and was able to go home later that day. We used dissolvable sutures in Monty’s mouth so he was required to have soft foods for the next week whilst his mouth was healing. After a week he was able to be slowly introduced back to his normal diet.

Dental disease is very common among dogs and cats with more than 80% of them having some form of the disease. Often it can go undetected for quite some time as pets can show very few symptoms. Signs to look out for include bad breath, visible calculus build up on the teeth, bleeding gums, pawing at the mouth, as well as reluctance to eat especially hard or dry foods. If you think your pet is showing any of the signs mentioned do not hesitate to contact one of our healthcare team members and make an appointment with your veterinarian for a consultation so that assessment and treatment can be started before any irreversible changes occur.

From Monty's owner, Cate:

Monty with his sister Millie

"Monty, a 12 year old Maltese Shi Tzu cross, recently had extensive dental work done. Monty was originally owned by Cate's mum, Marguerite. Monty came to live with Cate and Alex when Margeurite went into a nursing home a few years ago (she later passed away). Monty is now very settled with Cate and Alex. He is not young, but is sprightly, loving a game and collecting socks!

Monty went to the vet for his annual checkup and he was found to have several rotten teeth, plus the gums were inflamed. As a result, Monty was booked in for an anaesthetic, and had a number of teeth extracted and the remainder cleaned. Cate went to collect him at 4pm and he bounced out! The pain killer on board meant that he had no discomfort after the procedure, and his recovery went well. Antibiotics prevented any infection. He is back to his sock collecting and other games!"

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