Kyan and Zac donate blood

Kyan and Zac are two of our most valued patients here at Adelaide Animal Hospital. Without these two life saving animals we wouldn’t be able to save some of the lives that we do.  That’s because they are two of our blood donors.

Zac is a 6 year old 28kg healthy Kelpie cross. When he is fit and well he copes remarkably with donating blood to save another life. Dogs need blood for a range of problems that cause their blood count to be low. Giving them a blood transfusion buys us time to correct the underlying problem. Without this option the chances of some of our critically ill patients would be greatly reduced.

Kyan is a 6 year old 5.1kg male desexed Tabby cat. He has donated blood a number of times to save other cats in need. He has given us, as physicians, a chance to correct underlying problems and improved the hopes of families with sick feline companions.  Kyan is a particularly special blood donor because his blood type is Type B. This is important because cats, like humans, need to have matching blood types (cross-matching) to prevent any adverse transfusion reactions.

Kyan and Zac are very special patients but they are getting older and they won’t be able to donate blood forever. That’s why we need younger healthy animals to join our blood donor program regularly. The more patients on our list, the less likelihood we will encounter a shortage.  

Please enquire at out clinic if you would like your pet to become a blood donor. This will help us save more lives, and to allow families that extra time to spend with their loved ones. 

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