Lucky Harry finds home after an adventure out

Harry is one very lucky and very adventurous Bull Terrier Cross. He is lucky because he has a wonderful family and is fortunate to have an identification microchip! You see, recently one of our clients, Gillian found a Bull Terrier Cross. This happy wandering fellow was by himself in the middle of a roundabout on a busy road. Gillian brought him in to see us as she thought the owners may contact local vet hospitals when they discovered their dog was missing.

Dr David Mason examined the Bull Terrier cross to make sure he was not injured in any way and then scanned him to see if he was microchipped. Fortunately, he was and so we could then contact the Australian Animal Registry to find out that this dog was Harry! We were also able to obtain Harry's family contact details.

Harry's owners were very relieved to receive our phone call as he had apparently escaped from his backyard. A short time later, Harry was back with his family.

Microchipping is the most effective way to make sure your missing pets can find their way back to you. Please remember that if you change any of your current details (eg move house, change phone numbers) you need to also update these changes with the Australian Animal Registry. This can be done by calling them on (02) 9704-1450 or by emailing them on [email protected] quoting all of the following details: microchip number, owner's name, pet species/breed and name, old address, new address and telephone numbers.

Find out more about microchipping your pet here


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