Mia's collapse leads to Addison's Disease

Mia is a very relaxed and lucky 10 year old Boston Terrier who presented to our Magill Road hospital in January this year. She had collapsed and had an extremely low heart rate of 28 (normal for a dog this size is 120-160 beats per minute). Mia had an ongoing history of waxing and waning gastrointestinal disease for quite some time leading up to her collapse.

Mia was rushed to the hospital and emergency blood testing within the hospital revealed extremely high levels of potassium and low sodium levels which led to a diagnosis of Addison's Disease. Addison's Disease is a life threatening and an uncommon disease which causes a deficiency of mineralcorticoid and gluccorticoids in the body.

Mia's progniosis was touch and go. The attending veterinarian gave emergency fluid resuscitation and intensive care medications throughout the night and early hours of the morning to control the dangerously high electrolyte levels. Mia slowly began to show signs of improvement over the following days and was shortly discharged from hospital back to her family.

With ongoing daily medication Mia's Addison's Disease is controlled and she is starting to become her old self again and showing a new lease on life.

From Mia's owners, Ben and Cath:

Our 10 year old Boston Terrier girl, Mia, has always been robust, healthy and boisterous. Throughout 2011, however, Mia became very sick. She was displaying numerous symptoms for various illnesses and spent a lot of time at the Adelaide Animal Hospital. One evening in January 2012, Mia collapsed and very nearly died. Thankfully Delwyn and the nurses were able to stabilize Mia and diagnose a very rare condition, which is now being successfully  treated. The level and quality of veterinary care being offered by Dr. Warren Foreman and staff at Adelaide Animal Hospital is first class, and not  available elsewhere in South Australia. The moral of the story is get pet insurance ! We just didn't think we would need it, but any pet can become ill or get injured at any time, just like us humans. All pet owners should have a pet insurance policy for their pets, so that the folks at Adelaide Animal Hospital can give them the best possible care when they need it most.

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