Minutes of freedom become weeks of recovery for Gordon the Weimaraner

Meet Gordon, an 8 year old Weimaraner who, about a month ago, managed to escape from his yard through the new set of front gates that had only just been installed. Unfortunately Gordon lives on a busy Adelaide Road and ran out into the path of a car.

When Gordon arrived at Adelaide Animal Hospital he was in a state of shock, weak and unable to stand on his hind legs. Radiographs and an ultrasound showed severe internal injuries as well as three fractures in his pelvis. The abdominal injuries required a late night emergency surgery to remove his spleen, which had ruptured. He was stabilised in the hospital for a number of days, before his pelvis was repaired. A special curved bone plate was used to realign the top of his hip joint and a large screw was placed through the bone to help attached his pelvis back onto his vertebrae.
X-ray show the fractures in Gordon's hips A special curved bone plate was inserted to realign the hip joint

Gordon is an amazing dog who throughout all of his trauma, intensive nursing care and surgery was always bright and happy to see everyone; especially when his family arrived. Gordon was in the hospital for just over a week, before going home for ongoing nursing care with his family.

To date Gordon is doing well. He is recovering at home and is now up and walking around. He still has a long way to go with recovery, but through the love and dedication of his owners he should make a good recovery.


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