New diabetes insulin improves quality of life for Turner

Turner is one of the many moggies benefiting from the introduction of a new type of insulin. Yes, Turner is diabetic and his owners have been giving him insulin injections twice daily for the past few months. If that's not enough to contend with, he also has FIV! (the catty equivalent of HIV-AIDS). One more good reason to keep your cats in at night.

Luckily for Turner, he has very caring and devoted owners who bring him here to the hospital for regular blood glucose checks. Turner's previous insulin was found to be lasting for only a few hours before wearing off and all too soon the blood glucose levels would skyrocket.

The good news is that after 2 weeks of treatment, Turner has responded remarkably well to the new insulin, meaning that he only requires very small amounts to keep his blood sugar levels stable.

Did we mention that he also needs a special diet? One of the reasons his is doing so well is that he is on a high protein low carbohydrate "prescription diet", specially formulated for cats with diabetes.

Rumour has is he was last seen catching a flight to Hollywood.....

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