No more toothache for Ziggy

At Adelaide Animal Hospitals we see many senior animals with dental disease. Meet Ziggy, a larger than life, lovely and exuberant Weimaraner. At one of his usual wellness check ups, it was noticed that Ziggy had developed a fractured tooth, which had now become infected and needed to be removed.

Ziggy would require general anaesthetic for his dental procedure. With the advanced medication and technology available to us now, the anaethetic risks are very low and the recovery is much smoother. As Ziggy is a senior dog, our veterinary surgeon team gave extra care and attention before and during the procedure to ensure he was comfortable. You can find out more about anaesthetic here.

Animals are very good at masking and hiding pain. All pet owners with a senior dog should ask themselves... "is my dogs behaviour changing because they are getting older or is it because they are in pain?" Fracture or broken teeth are painful, having them removed will ensure your friend is as comfortable as possible and back to their playful and happy self.


From Ziggy's owner:

"Our 12 year old Weimeraner, Ziggy, is a big, affable boy with a huge happy personality who had no symptoms but for a lump on his cheek, so to learn that he had a badly abcessed tooth from an old fracture in it was unexpected. We realise now that he was suffering for some time, as what we took to be signs of his age have vanished, and he is loving life again. Thank you so very much to all of the staff at Prospect Animal Hospital, and especially Jessica Victory (who Zig has a great big crush on!)"

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