Odin's loss of appetite

Odin is a very friendly 8 year old Rottweiler who simply decided to stop eating his food over a two-day period. This was very unusual for Odin as he normally loves eating all his food. His owner was quick to act and brought him straight to our Magill Road hosptial for a check up.

Odin the Rottweiler lives without his spleen

After a thorough history and physical examination Odin was found to have a very small but noticeable splenic lump on abdominal palpation. Blood and urine was collected to ensure that there was no other cause for Odin’s anorexia. As no significant findings were discovered Odin was booked in for an abdominal ultrasound that revealed two lumps on his spleen approximately the size of half a tennis ball. Odin’s owner was advised to have the spleen removed and sent to laboratory for histopathology. This is a test to have the lumps interpreted as to what they are and the likelihood of potential cancerous metastasis (spreading to other tissues in the body).

Odin’s owner was quite keen to have Odin feeling better again so surgery was undertaken to remove the whole spleen with the lumps attached. Odin had a very speedy recovery post surgery and began eating almost immediately.

During Odin’s recovery the laboratory indicated he did have a tumor that has a favourable outcome when removed intact. Odin does not require his spleen to live a happy normal life and is back to his happy self.

From Odin's parents:

"Odin came to us from the Animal Welfare League when he was only 2 years old. In the 6 ½ years that he has been with us, Odin has brought many smiles to my family’s faces and he is an important part of our lives.

During that time Odin has gotten to know everyone at the Trinity Gardens Animal Hospital extremely well on his many, many visits to the animal hospital ranging from small medical emergencies up to the serious possible life threatening ones! But for all of his medical issues, Odin has trotted through them all with barely a slowing of his stride and with a definite doggy smile on his big cuddly face.

Without the wonderful care and support from everyone at the animal hospital, I am sure that Odin would not still be with us, and I am eternally grateful every day that I am still able to have him with me, and that he can enjoy the wonderful life that he has with us."

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