Patient of the Month - Amelia Grace

Amelia Grace with Nurse Arin

Amelia Grace is a tiny little 10 month old Chihuahua puppy who presented after hours at our Trinity Gardens’ clinic late on a Friday night. 

Just an hour before, the pint sized pooch and her fur sisters had all received a small sized piece of a pigs ear (as the whole ear was almost bigger than the dogs themselves!). Being a little 'guts' as her owner fondly referred to her, Amelia must have gulped her helping down before anyone else could get to it. 

Soon after her family noticed her retching this quickly progressed to choking. Even though they lived over an hour away, they rushed their precious little bundle to our Trinity Gardens clinic which had been recommended to them by a friend.   

On arrival, we immediately put Amelia on oxygen supplementation to ease her breathing and reduce her stress. She was too worked up to have anyone look in her mouth or throat so we placed an intravenous catheter and gave her a small amount of anaesthetic. With our emergency cart at the ready, we proceeded to look down her throat, and low and behold, there was a huge piece of the pigs ear lodged just behind her larynx, compressing her windpipe. We managed to retrieve the piece in several segments, as it was too big to budge while intact. As soon as the last piece was removed, we could almost feel a sigh of relief from the tiny pup.  

Amelia recovered from her anaesthetic quickly and smoothly and was a different dog when she awoke, wagging her tail and licking our faces; it was almost as if she knew what had been done. 

Amelia's owners were over the moon that their little pup had made it through, and they couldn't believe the size of the treat she had managed to swallow whole. 

This story serves as a reminder to supervise our pets whenever they are chewing on any food items or toys that present a choking hazard. These things can happen at any time, and if no one is there to see it happen, things can turn dangerous very quickly.  

All in all a very happy ending for little Amelia and her family, they'll definitely be holding off on those pigs ears from now on!

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