Patient of the Month - Halo

Halo is a very cute, but very mischievous pup, who tries really hard to be good but just seems to find herself in trouble! 

A short time ago her mum put her handbag down, turned away for just a moment and turned back to find Halo munching on some tasty tablets. She rushed Halo down to our Prospect Road Veterinary Hospital where our veterinary staff induced vomiting to help prevent absorption of the tablets. She was then monitored closely for the rest of the day to make sure there were no serious side effects.

Thankfully Halo was okay, but we do see a lot of animals that have ingested things that they shouldn’t, which could lead to devastating side effects.

It’s very important to make sure that all medications are stored securely, both your own and those belonging to your pet. Often your pet’s medication has been deliberately made tasty to entice them to eat it, so store it out of reach. Put your own tablets in a zipped compartment of your bag if you carry them with you.

Other common things that pets, mainly dogs, eat are chocolate, rat or snail bait, onions, grape products and waste from rubbish bins.
If you suspect your dog has eaten something they should not, then get them to a vet straight away, as early treatment can make a big difference to the outcome. Often we induce vomiting to prevent absorption of the product into the patient’s system, but occasionally certain things should not be vomited back up. Always call the hospital first before trying to make your dog vomit at home.

We are not sure that Halo will learn not to eat things she shouldn’t, but by taking precautions around the house you can prevent similar emergency visits to the vet with your own pets.

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