Patient of the Month - Sia

Cancer survivor Sia enjoying her twilight years thanks to rehabilitation therapy.

Sia, a long term patient of Adelaide Animal Hospitals, celebrated her 10th birthday in December 2015. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Lymph node cancer) in 2013 and after undergoing a course of chemotherapy, she has now had 20 cancer free months. For 12 months now Sia has been having regular laser therapy and massage to assist her aging joints and sore muscles. Sia is a little trooper and despite all she has been through, loves coming into the vet! Perhaps it is the addition of rehabilitation therapy and massage to her treatment plan that keeps the spring in her step?

Rehabilitation aims to restore functional ability and quality of life to pets with a physical impairment or disability. We can help pets who have had a joint or limb surgery, have had a muscular injury, have osteoarthritis or are geriatric with joint and/or muscle soreness. Rehabilitation involves a combination of exercise programs, stretches and massage techniques. We offer veterinary consultations and tailored programs created to the individual pet and their condition.

As well as specific exercises and massage at home, Sia comes into the vet every 7 to 10 days for her laser therapy. Laser therapy is a laser light delivered through a hand piece without direct contact to the pet. Sia feels a warm sensation over the treatment area as the laser sends photons (packets of light) deep into tissues to accelerate production of ATP. ATP is the fuel used by cells to repair and rejuvenate. And most importantly Sia loves it!

For more information, or to book in your pet for a rehabilitation consult, contact Adelaide Animal Hospitals today.

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