Pedro celebrates 15 years of health

Pedro celebrated his 15th Birthday on the 17th of July, just one week before his owner Stefan. This makes Pedro 93 in human years! He was picked out at the Animal Welfare League when he was just 10 weeks old - Pedro that is, not Stefan. He was a little bruised and battered as his previous owner was less than caring.

He made his own choice to live outdoors as he would urinate on the furniture indoors. He was a very vocal, boisterous and lively dog that required lots of exercise. His jumping abilities were amazing and Stefan had to raise the fence height to over 6 feet to prevent him from jumping over. He was always a very naughty dog continually digging holes and destroying everything in the yard. He was also a very good watch dog and has chased out many potential intruders.
He has always enjoyed his walks and runs around the park and even today with all of his health problems he still loves his daily walks. His health problems include a heart murmur, arthritis of the hips and elbows, spondyliosis of the spine and crepitus of the elbows. Pedro is on daily medication of Metacam a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug to help with pain relief. He also has Pentosan injections twice yearly. The course of Pentosan involves one injection weekly for 4 weeks, then as required. It helps to lubricate the joints by increasing joint fluid volume and viscosity. Pedro also eats Hills J/D exclusively which helps ease aching joints and preserves healthy cartilage.

With all these drugs on board he comes in twice a year to have his blood tested to ensure his kidneys and liver are functioning normally before taking any medications.

If you would like to know any more details about Pedro's arthritis medications and treatments for your own dog please call Adelaide Animal Hospital and arrange an appointment .


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