Ruby Shines On

Ruby and Graeme 2014

Ruby’s story is one of inspiration and true courage.

Ruby came into the lives of Graeme and Geraldine as a barking, twirling and extremely hyperactive pup. Her constant bad behaviour led them into handing Ruby back to a rather dubious breeder. However, after only one night, they missed her so much they begged to take her back again and what a blessing that turned out to be…

One night Ruby just wouldn’t settle; whining, pacing and just not her usual self when it came to bed time. Ruby kept trying to wake her owner Graeme by licking his face and when that didn’t work she resorted to pulling the bed covers off him. Finally Graeme awoke, clutching his chest, to discover he was having a massive heart attack! 

Graeme’s cardiologist said if he hadn’t been woken by Ruby he would have slept through his heart attack and would not have lived. Ruby saved his life.

Ruby and Graeme 2005

Now 10 years old, Ruby is battling her own demons. She has Addison’s disease and had to have her spleen removed by emergency surgery when a large mass was discovered by our own Dr Warren Foreman. 

Ruby’s owners Graeme and Geraldine say, ‘Please God let it be benign. Ruby means the world to us. If the result isn’t a positive one we will give her the best life she can have until it is her time. Thank you our darling Ruby for ten happy, sad, wonderful, frustrating but never boring years. We hope we have a few more together…’

‘…A big thank you to Dr Warren Foreman, Dr David Mason and the caring staff at Adelaide Animal Hospital. You are our Angels’

 To read our original 2005 story on how Ruby saved Graeme's life, click here.


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