Ruby's sixth sense saves her owner's life

Some people believe animals have a sixth sense. Take for instance a tsunami survivor who described how "his two Doberman Pinschers refused to go for their daily jog along the beach about 90 minutes before the tsunami!" Does this sixth sense really exist? You will think twice after reading Ruby's amazing story of how she saved her owners life.

Ruby's story (as told by her Mum and Dad):

We never thought we would get another shepherd after our beloved old Sheba passed away. Well we did and Ruby came hurtling into our lives 2 years ago, and what a whirlwind she is with her obsessive disorders and her one-second attention span. She is so full on!

At one stage when she was about 5 months old we gave her back to the breeder but we were so distressed over it and fretted so much we went and got her back the next day. That turned out to be a blessing because 2 months later Ruby saved Graeme's life.

We had all gone up to bed, Ruby in her bed alongside ours. The only constant about Ruby is that she sleeps all night long. However, on 5th February 2005 she would not settle but finally must have drifted off. Then about 2am, I woke up to her whimpering, she then went to Graeme's side of the bed and started licking his face. She was very distressed when he didn't move. The next thing she grabbed the covers with her mouth and pulled them off, with this he woke up complaining of terrific chest pains and because he looked so pale and felt clammy, I called an ambulance.

The specialist said if Ruby had not woken him up when she did, Graeme would have slept through his heart attack and would have died in his sleep. Needless to say, Ruby the Rampager reigns supreme in our house. We love her so much but she sure keeps us on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks Ruby.

Your forever grateful, Mum and Dad xxxoooxxxoooxxx

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