SA Police Dog Ink Fights On

Ink is a 2 year old male German Shepherd and a South Australian Police Dog.   Ink is trained in locating and tracking scents, helping to apprehend criminals if the need arises. One early morning in mid-June Ink was assisting in a police situation when he was struck by an offender’s vehicle as they attempted to escape.  In the heat of the moment Ink, while barely flinching after his injury, continued to perform his job. It was only after the situation was under control that it became apparent Ink was injured. His handler then rushed Ink off to the Adelaide Animal Hospital. Ink's injuries included four broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Ink was an amazing patient, having to spend nearly 10 days in hospital. His hospitalisation included  time in intensive care and combined surgeries to repair his punctured lung and broken ribs. Due to the extent of his injuries Ink had multiple fluid lines, chest tubes and bandages that needed tending. As long as patting was involved, Ink tolerated daily bandage changes without a single whine.


Upon leaving the hospital Ink had bonded very closely to many of the staff and also obtained a very large following of well wishers online. Media enquiries about his progress had come from as far away as the UK and Germany!   Ink’s personality shone through in his media conference when he left the hospital. He waited patiently while photographers and TV cameras took photos and images and reporters interviewed his handler and the case veterinarian (Dr David Mason). Ink will enjoy the next few months off work, but will then be back on the beat with his handler, continuing to help keep South Australia safe. 

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