Smokey the Koala - SA Bushfires Rescue

Smokey - rescued by Firefighter Dave

In January, the team members at Adelaide Animal Hospitals worked tirelessly to treat wildlife injured in South Australia's devastating bushfires. Smokey the koala was rescued by fire fighters and taken to our Adelaide Animal Hospital in Trinity Gardens, where she was treated with burns to her feet. She received round the clock nursing care with plenty of fluids, pain relief and love from the nursing team. Smokey’s burns were so extensive that her prognosis was unknown. The team worked effortlessly trying to ensure Smokey was given extensive veterinary care to ensure the best outcome possible.

Three days after her rescue, Smokey had stabilised. The veterinary team continued to dress her wounds regularly and change her bandages daily. Smokey has since gone into foster care with one of our dedicated Fauna Rescue koala carers. Smokey comes in for regular bandages changes and rechecks.

After the news of Smokey’s plight became public, many people made and donated mittens for the injured koalas to wear on their paws during recovery. This was a great help to all of Smokey’s companions in care.

Smokey in hospital

Smokey recently visited the two firefighters who saved her life.  Seeing Smokey’s miraculous recovery was a big surprise to the fire brigade. The fire brigade advised that seeing Smokey helped them to move on from some of the devastating things they had seen throughout the fires.

Smokey was one of many wildlife affected by the SA bushfires and was fortunately one of our lucky survivors. Our team works very hard every day treating wildlife for a range of different injuries or illnesses; this is a cost we absorb. Our mission statement is enriching life through animal healthcare and this is something our team at all four branch clinics live and breathe.  We will make sure we keep you updated on Smokey’s progress!  


Smokey reunited with her rescuers
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