The value of a microchip – Sophie re-united with her family

Sophie the Red Heeler came to Adelaide Animal Hospital late one night as someone had found her wandering the neighbourhood. Sophie was underweight, tired and hungry and had no identification on her except a microchip that was found when she was scanned by one of our nursing team.

The microchip number was entered through the Central Animal Records database and her owners were able to be contacted immediately. Sophie had been missing for three weeks so you can only imagine how relieved and excited her family were after receiving the good news.

Sophie had escaped from their backyard after a storm one night, three weeks earlier. In their efforts to find her, Sophie's family searched the local area desperately, advertised in the newspaper and put flyers up around the neighbourhood, all to no avail.

Whilst Sophie's story has a happy ending, her three week adventure highlights the importance of microchipping pets. Sadly, healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep everyday without the knowledge of who the pet belongs to. Luckily for Sophie, her owners had her microchipped and she was able to be returned home.

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