Tiger Lilly Takes A Tumble

Tiger Lilly with her broken toe

Tiger Lilly is a very cute miniature dachshund puppy. Just before her final vaccination appointment she was a little bit too excited and jumped off of the couch at home. She seemed a little sore afterwards and was limping. 

When she came in for her appointment we discovered that she had a very sore toe on her back left foot. While it was possible that she had just done an injury to the soft tissue in that area, we were concerned that she had broken the toe. This concern lead to her admission for radiographic examination (x-rays).

When a pet is brought in to us for x-rays they stay in the hospital for the full day. In order to get good quality radiographs your pet needs to be completely still, which means that they will need either sedation or an anaesthetic. Not only does this allow us to get perfect x-rays, but it also makes things safer and less stressful for the animals. X-rays are useful for pets with a wide variety of problems, including lameness (as in Tiger Lilly’s case), trouble breathing, vomiting or abdominal pain. We have very good x-ray facilities at Adelaide Animal Hospitals, and they often provide us with the answers to help your pet.


Tiger Lilly back to running around!

Tiger Lilly was the perfect patient. After her sedation we were able to take some very clear x-rays that showed she had broken the toe on the outside of her foot (the equivalent of our little toe). Luckily for Tiger Lilly her fracture was very simple and, because of her young growing bones, it should heal well. Often broken bones require surgery to correct, but in her case that wasn’t necessary.

After a couple of weeks resting with a bandage and some pain relief, Tiger Lilly was well and truly on the mend. When she came into the clinic for her de-sexing surgery a couple of weeks later she was happy to run around and find staff members to cuddle her. Everyone is looking forward to seeing her for her next wellness visit (but not before!). Needless to say, she won’t be jumping off any more couches. 

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