Arthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis (or just ‘arthritis’) is very common in older dogs and cats. Signs of this painful condition include not jumping, growling, walking with a ‘proppy’ gait, slow to rise or lie down and licking sore joints, among others. 

Although we are unable to cure arthritis, we can palliate or treat it very successfully, thus slowing down its progression. 

Treatment options include:

  • Weight loss programs: for those pets that are overweight, being arthritic can be extra hard for them, as they carry extra weight around. 
  • Rehabilitation (rehab) programs: can be particularly useful for those pets that have had orthopaedic surgery, for example, total hip replacement, or those interested in palliative care. We often incorporate the use of laser in these sessions.
  • Walking aids: items such as non-slip booties, splints, harnesses, ramps, steps, wheelchairs and beds especially for arthritic pets are all available and can make a huge difference in your pets quality of life
  • Diet: talk to one of our staff about the many options available in which we can fortify or supplement your pets diet to ensure it is the best diet your pet can be getting to help manage their arthritis
  • Medications: can range from preventatives like chondroprotectives (Pentosan or Zydax) right through the pain relief spectrum to drugs similar to morphine.

Our goal for assisting you with your arthritic pet is to find a solution that works for both you and your pet. We can start slow and try different things, or explore multiple avenues at the same time. It is important to us that your animal companion is as comfortable and happy as possible, and that your relationship with your pet is the best it can be.

Please call us if you suspect your pet could benefit from discussing their arthritis management with us.