Behavioural training

~ Pet Dog Training for all Breeds ~ Positive Reinforcement Methods Only ~

Advance Behavioural Training aims to give you the help and support needed to produce a well-mannered dog that you can be proud of! Canine Good Citizens™ on both ends of the lead!

Classes and private consults are available for all dogs. We aim to help you and your family get the best out of your dog, a well mannered dog becomes a valued member of the family for life!
Classes are run along Delta Society guidelines, which is a non-profit organization that aims to promote positive interaction between people and companion animals.

We use positive reinforcement methods; these training methods are reward based and motivational for both dog and owner. We aim to produce dogs that want to work for their owners all the time! No physical force or adversive punishment methods are used, therefore choker/ check chains or slip collars will not be allowed in classes or training consults. If you need some equipment to assist you and are unsure as to what you should use, make an appointment with me to fit some equipment or visit a Vet hospital that supports positive training methods for some advise and fitting of appropriate equipment. Reward based training is a less stressful approach to training and will help to produce a much stronger bond between you and your dog. It is also fun for both of you!

All dogs that want to enrol in any training classes must be up to date with vaccinations and vaccination cards must be sighted upon your first class.

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