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As one of Adelaide's largest provider of high-quality veterinary services in South Australia, AdelaideVet is continually seeking veterinary and nursing staff that have a strong desire to practice quality medicine, excellent patient care and are dedicated to maintaining their professional skills at a high level.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide compassionate and high-quality veterinary care and to reinvest in our hospital in order to expand the range of diagnostic and treatment facilities available. We are strongly client focused, progressive and professional and aim to be at the forefront of our industry in every way. As an AdelaideVet employee, you can be confident that these attributes will make the decision to join us a good one.

About our hospitals

Our hospitals are modern, purpose built and fully equipped to provide a working environment, which is busy, stimulating and well managed. We encourage team members to work to the best of their ability, supporting them with the development of skills and ambitions, and encouragement to embrace new responsibilities and thereby take an active role in their career progression.

Training and support

AdelaideVet has an intrinsic focus on continued education for all team members. We have an established process of consolidating regular up and coming training seminar, course and webinar options that we make available for team members to nominate their interest in and further offer more significant and comprehensive education options on request. AdelaideVet considers such continued education training to be of great value, benefit and interest both professionally and personally and therefore, encourages training wherever possible.

Additional training is also provided internally through organised weekly presentations held alongside our customer service meetings at each hospital. Both external and internal presenters provide ongoing advice and guidance on service and standards of care topics. We offer innovative and structured internal training programs for veterinarians, nurses, animal caretakers and client relations team members that include skill-based level systems combined with comprehensive ongoing training support.

The overall training and development component is considered a valuable necessity and worthwhile investment and emphasises our commitment to providing and encouraging premium standards of care, exceptional customer service and a progressive and stimulating workplace environment for our team members.

AdelaideVet veterinarian clinical and communication coaching program

"Better patient outcomes delivered by better communication"

AdelaideVet's internal Clinical and Communication Coaching Program was launched in 2014 to provide enhanced support and coaching to our Veterinarian team. As a team, we aim to work towards improving clinical and communication skills within the consult room setting, providing better outcomes for the patient, the client, the individual veterinarian and the clinic. 

The purpose and objective of the program is to provide support and training and offers the availability for individual and group coaching. The longer term goal and vision to see improved communication, interpersonal and productivity skills. The program works as a support and training function for the entire Veterinary team incorporating veterinarians with all levels of experience. 

Our focal points of this program are improving our daily AdelaideVet Standards of Care compliance, communication skills in the consult room, consultation structure and delivery to the client and our patient history records. We have an overall vision for the organisation as a whole to become more compliant, consistent and loyal to the AdelaideVet Standards of Care.

Work Placements and Internships

The intrinsic focus on continued education above further identifies with a real understanding of the importance and necessity for employers to provide a platform that enables education access via work placement to students who display a strong desire to enter the Veterinary Services Industry.

At AdelaideVet, we support work placement students who are undertaking graduate courses with Universities nationally and who are studying Veterinary Nursing at TAFE with placements varying between 1-13 weeks depending on course requirements, the average being 2-4 weeks duration.

After confirmation and commencement of a placement, students are introduced to our hospital team members and patients and provided with an overview of the training schedule that they will undertake and the varying procedures that they may have an opportunity to assist with. These will include observations of services in relation to treatments, consultations, surgeries, x-rays, ultrasounds, and more, to provide a broad spectrum of learning opportunity.

All work placement students are provided with a mentor and allocated a Veterinarian or Nurse buddy on each day to facilitate the appropriate training and supervision requirements. Our team members are available and willing to offer assistance and answer questions at any time to ensure that the goals and expectations of the student placement are met and that the experience is an enjoyable one.

Students considering a work placement are welcomed to make enquiries via our website or alternatively, by contacting the workplacement coordinator via

You will need to include a copy of your resume, the preferred placement dates, a brief overview outlining what your expectations and requirements are that will need to be met from the placement and any further needs required by the relative University or TAFE body. We will then make contact with you to discuss future placement opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Working at AdelaideVet

If you would like to submit your resume with a covering letter for consideration toward any future positions that arise, please either email the above address or send to:

The Hospital Manager
301 Magill Road 
Trinity Gardens SA 5068  

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