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Our cattery has been established for over 12 years and is a favourite with many of our clients. Its success is attributed to the safe and caring environment we provide for feline visitors and the peace of mind we provide to cat owners when they are away from home. Each one of our veterinary practices has dedicated cat boarding facilities with extra capacity available during peak periods.  

At AdelaideVet Trinity Gardens we have three large cat runs available throughout the year. During peak times such as school holidays, long weekends and from December to January we can also accommodate a further 14 cats. AdelaideVet Prospect can accommodate 30 cats at any time throughout the year. AdelaideVet Stirling can accommodate 12 cats, and at AdelaideVet Goodwood Road we have capacity for 18 cats.

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Why you should board your friends with us

A comfortable home away from home... Bedding, litter trays, cat bowls and food are provided in a friendly and safe environment. You may bring your cat's favourite bedding and toys. It is a great idea to label all items and we request that you only bring the essentials!

Continued high quality of care... If your cat is on medication we will continue treatment as instructed. Make sure you bring your cat's medication with you when you drop him/her off.

Feeding twice a day... we feed all cats morning and night as per your instructions.

Premium cat food... cats are fed both dry food and tinned food. If your pet is on a prescription diet or food or has special dietary needs, please bring their food with you on admission.

Peace of mind... if your cat falls ill whilst you are away, you have complete peace of mind that he/she will receive the best care throughout their stay. Our healthcare team including qualified veterinary nurses and veterinarians are always nearby and on hand to help.

Just like they are our own... our cattery carers are passionate about felines. You can be assured your friend will receive plenty of attention and cuddles during their stay with us.  

9 point Boarding Health Examination ...We are passionate about feline health care and helping our friends live long and healthy lives (all nine of them!). All cats who board with us receive a complimentary 9 point Boarding Health Examination during their stay. When you come to collect your cat, our receptionist or cattery carer will provide you with a checklist detailing the findings of the examination.

Whilst providing a home away from home when you cannot care for your cat, we also provide cleaning, feeding, cuddling and veterinary attention if necessary.   Enjoy your time away whilst knowing your cat is in our excellent care.

Frequently asked questions

Can you tour our cattery facilities?

We are very proud of our clinics and our boarding facilities. We openly welcome you to tour our facilities at your convenience. Simply contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Is the cattery air-conditioned?

Our cattery facilities are air-conditioned and every cattery suite at our Prospect Cattery features individual air ventilation ducts to provide a completely odour free environment. For your cat's complete comfort the suites also feature a separate kitty litter room.

Do dogs have access to the cattery area?

Our cattery facilities are completely canine free. At Adelaide Animal Hospital our cattery rooms are feline only. Our cattery facilities at Prospect and Goodwood are complete purpose built facilities for cats only, with the Prospect Cattery located in a separate building. Our cattery facilities at Trinity Gardens and Stirling are fully secured and also offer large family runs for multiple pets to board together.

What are your boarding fees?

If your vaccinated cat did not receive their vaccination at an AdelaideVet, the cost for a single cat boarding is $29.10 per day. For multiple cats belonging to the same family, the cost is $26.21 per day for the second and other cats.

If your cat is a VIP Client (i.e. they have been vaccinated at an AdelaideVet), the cost for a single cat boarding is $26.36 per day. For multiple cats belonging to the same family, the cost is $23.80 per day for the second and other cats.

When your cat stays with us for 21 consecutive nights, you will receive the 21st night free. You will then be eligible to receive a significantly discounted boarding rate for every week of boarding thereafter.

If your cat is on medication, a surcharge may apply. This will be discussed when your booking has been confirmed. Due to high demand during the Easter and Christmas holiday periods, a $50 deposit is required to secure your booking. Please contact us for more information.

Our prices include food, cat litter and bedding.

VIP Cat boarding

If you have your cat vaccinated at any of our hospitals you automatically become a VIP member. VIP members receive a discounted boarding fee.

Total Wellness Plan Members

If your cat is a member of our Total Wellness Plan, you are entitled to an additional 5% discount on the already discounted VIP boarding rates!

Is there anything you need to do before your cat comes to visit?

To ensure the wellbeing of all cats, vaccinations must be current. If your cat has not been vaccinated by one of our practices, we must sight proof of vaccination before boarding your feline companion. As a general rule, cats should be fully vaccinated at least 10-14 days prior to their stay with us. For the comfort and protection of others, we also request that your cat is up to date with flea and worm prevention.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

You can check your cat in and out on any day of the week if your cat is boarding at our Trinity Gardens facility. At our Prospect, Stirling and Goodwood facilities, check in and out is available between Monday and Saturday.

Adelaide Cats in the city cattery cat boarding checklist

What should you bring with you when you check-in your cat?

Things to bring on check-in:

  • Your cat/s in their favourite carry cage
  • Current vaccination certificate, not necessary if your cat has been vaccinated with us
  • Medications
  • Special dietary requirements 
  • Any belongings clearly labelled, although it is not necessary to bring beds, scratch posts and toys as we have plenty available
What to inform us on check-in:
  • Medical history
  • Any behavioural traits your cat may possess so we know what is normal
  • Medication and medication instructions
  • Contact details including a contact phone number while you are away
  • Reconfirm check-out date and time

Please note - It is a requirement that your cat is desexed in order to use these facilities.

How do you make a booking?

To secure a suite for your cat, bookings are essential. During peak periods we recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

To book your cat/s at one of our cattery facilities, please use the Cattery Booking Booking Form. Alternatively, you can call your local practice to check availability and make a booking.

AdelaideVet Trinity Gardens 8169 9777

AdelaideVet  Prospect 8169 9733

AdelaideVet Goodwood Road 8169 9755

AdelaideVet   Stirling 8169 9766

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VIP Cat boarding

If you have your cat vaccinated at any of our hospitals you automatically become a VIP member. VIP members receive a discounted boarding fee.

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