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AdelaideVet Supporting The Community

AdelaideVet's goal is to improve the well-being of animals in our community and as such dedicate our sponsorship efforts to worthy initiatives helping animals in need.

We believe we have the power to do good and support those who cannot help themselves and we pride ourselves on the work we do and the resources we can contribute to helping those in need. 

Below are some of the organisations that AdelaideVet support.

Lions Hearing Dogs

About Lions Hearing Dogs

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) is a national not-for-profit organisation that provides, free of charge, Hearing Dogs to deaf and hard of hearing Australians. Since 1982 ALHD has delivered over 570 professionally trained Hearing Dogs to those in need. The only accredited Hearing Dog Training Centre is located at Verdun in the Adelaide Hills and sources the majority of its recruits from pounds, shelters and rescue organisations. Lions Clubs across Australia fund the majority of the program, with public donations and bequests providing the rest of the running costs.

AdelaideVet Support

At AdelaideVet we recognise how valuable the Lions Hearing Dogs services are to the community and wanted to be able to support such a worthwhile organisation. We offer significantly discounted prices for our services to help make their pet care more affordable. These services can range from simple consults to complicated surgeries, although we hope to never have to see them in for anything other than a routine check-up!

Fauna Rescue SA

About Fauna Rescue

In 2018 Fauna Rescue SA marks 30 years of saving South Australia’s wildlife. They are now the largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation service in South Australia with around 500 members. Fauna Rescue SA operates three 24-Hour wildlife rescue hotlines: two specialist rescue and advice hotlines for koalas and bats, the third for other native wildlife. In the past year, their Hotlines received over 13,000 calls for wildlife rescue or advice.

Koala Hotline 1300 KOALAS

Bat Hotline 0474 204 617

Other Wildlife 8289 0896

Fauna Rescue SA is recognised as South Australia’s wildlife rescue and rehabilitation specialist. They regularly receive referrals from veterinarians, RSPCA, state and local governments, wildlife parks and zoos, as well as other rescue groups. 

As an advocate for nature and wildlife conservation in South Australia, a key value of Fauna Rescue SA is increasing wildlife awareness and knowledge through education and research. They conduct educational presentations for schools and clubs as well as hold public events in order to increase wildlife awareness. They hold regular wildlife training workshops to share specialist knowledge and experience with members, veterinary professionals and interested members of the public. Fauna Rescue SA works in partnership with local and interstate research scientists and universities on projects that help save wildlife.

All active members of wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators, to phone operators and administration staff, are all unpaid volunteers. Their independent, not-for-profit organisation receives no government funding despite the essential service they provide for South Australia. Fauna Rescue SA is entirely dependent on donations from the public and sponsors and is a registered charity with TDR status. Personal donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Donate now -

Facebook @FaunaRescueSA

AdelaideVet Support

AdelaideVet have been working closely with Fauna Rescue SA for many years, providing free of charge healthcare to many of their creatures (great and small!) Our staff are dedicated to the education and conservation of our precious wildlife and often will be caring for or fostering possums and birds to assist Fauna Rescue with ensuring they get the best rehabilitation before being released. We are very proud to have worked closely with the Koala Team especially for several years now and as a result, our vets and nurses are confident in the speciality care that these beautiful animals need. We are always available to the general public as well if they have injured wildlife they need to bring in or just for over the phone advice. Our aim is to address any medical needs and then utilise the brilliant Fauna Rescue SA team to take over for general rehabilitation and release.

Hospital Tours for School Groups

AdelaideVet also supports student education relating to the animal industry and wildlife conservation by participating in school tours. Students get an opportunity to see how the hospital runs, meet Vets and Nurses and discuss how to follow these career paths and even have a special visit from Koala Rescue/Fauna Rescue to learn about our beautiful native wildlife.

Hippos at Adelaide Zoo

Sponsorship of Hippo at Adelaide Zoo

Zoos SA has been involved in a wide range of conservation and education programs. Their efforts have spanned the globe and include captive breeding, habitat restoration, biological surveys, contributing to insurance populations, studies in reproductive biology, conservation education, corporate and community fundraising, wildlife disease management, translocation and community development to foster alternative livelihoods.

AdelaideVet Support

AdelaideVet is also passionate about the importance of conservation and education, and we are proud to have been supporting Zoos SA by sponsoring the Nile Hippos at Adelaide Zoo since 2003!

The Zoo relies heavily on donations in order to provide the funds necessary to assist in better husbandry, exhibiting and veterinary care of the animals, together with the improvement of the Zoo's facilities.

To find out more information about these extraordinary creatures click here. Animal adoption helps in their efforts of increasing the standards of animal care, and in many instances has contributed to their ability to establish successful breeding programs for rare and delicate species. Also from time to time, our veterinarians have been called upon to assist in veterinary duties at the zoo!

Hahndorf Animal Shelter

The Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter unofficially opened the doors in 1992 to care for abandoned dogs. In 1997 the Shelter was officially incorporated as a charity, and not for profit entity caring for cats and dogs. The founders are Sue Whelan and Dorothy Caddle who hope to re-home all pets that come through the Shelter. Some animals find homes quickly, others take longer because of needing rehabilitation, like trust, love and confidence. No animal is put down simply because it was unwanted.

The Shelter is run on a voluntary basis, without government funding. They rely on the generosity of the community for donations.

AdelaideVet Support

AdelaideVet values the hard work that the Hahndorf Interim Shelter does each and every day to help dogs and cats in need, one of the ways that we do this is by desexing 1-2 dogs or cats a week free of charge. We also are proud to assist them with the sales of their annual calendar, which features some of the beautiful pets they have had through the shelter.

For more information, you can visit their website 


Every day the RSPCA South Australia team are working to make lives better for animals in need, this may be through shelters and adoption, aid during natural disasters and emergencies, rescuing injured wildlife and mistreated pets, the list goes on! At AdelaideVet we support the work the RSPCA SA is doing and aim to assist wherever possible, we have had our vets help with animal assessments, and we participate in the Million Paws walk each year. In 2018 we increased our support by becoming a corporate sponsor of the RSPCA SA, contributing a free vaccination to a shelter dog for each vaccination done at our clinic when the special RSPCA/AdelaideVet flyer is presented.

For more information on how to help you can visit their webpage here:

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