Contact Your Local Vetwest

Vetwest Animal Hospitals are located in 16 convenient locations around Perth and Mandurah. If you’ve visited a Vetwest clinic before your pet’s records are available at all Vetwest veterinary hospitals.

Pet Emergencies After-Hours

If you have a pet emergency and it is during our open hours please call your local Vetwest clinic for advice.

On Sundays – Vetwest Cockburn, Vetwest Midland and Vetwest Whitfords are open on Sundays from 8 am – 5 pm

On Public Holidays – Vetwest Cockburn, Vetwest Midland and Vetwest Whitfords are open on most public holidays from 8 am – 5 pm. We are closed on Christmas Day. Google your Vetwest clinic for for up to date open hours.


If I join the Total Wellness Program is there a waiting period before I can bring my pet in to see the vet?2023-01-30T20:53:13+10:30

No, there is no waiting period. You can bring your pet in to see us to start using your included consultations immediately.

Can I use my Total Wellness Plan at any AdelaideVet?2023-01-30T20:36:58+10:30

Your Total Wellness Plan can be used at any AdelaideVet in South Australia. This also means if your usual AdelaideVet is closed at any time such as Sundays and after hours, you can visit our other hospitals who have extended hours. For opening hours and locations visit this link.

Is the Total Wellness Plan the same as pet insurance?2023-01-30T20:57:14+10:30

No. The Total Wellness Plan is not a replacement for pet insurance. Rather this plan will provide your pet with all they need to stay healthy, whilst pet insurance will cover them for any accidents or illnesses that may affect them. Pet insurance is still recommended.

How do I receive my products?2023-01-30T18:34:31+10:30

Monthly parasite control products (flea control, intestinal wormers and heartworm prevention if included in your plan) will be posted to you, timed to arrive on the working day before your pet is due for treatment each month. For injections (annual vaccination and heartworm prevention injection) you will need to visit the hospital with your pet. We will send you a reminder when these are due.

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