Changes To Cat And Dog Laws In SA

Did you know there are important changes being made to the dog and cat laws in South Australia which may affect you?

As of the 1st of July 2018, all cats and dogs older than 12 weeks of age must be implanted with an identification microchip and dogs and cats born after the 1st July 2018 will be required to be desexed before the age of 6 months. 

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Microchipping is the most effective form of permanent identification for cats and dogs. Local councils are in the process of contacting dog and cat owners to update their database with microchip details.

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What's a Bio Thermo microchip? Lifechip Bio Thermo microchips are the only microchip that provides instant identification plus non-invasive body temperature measurement in seconds. If your pet has one of these microchips implanted, we no longer need to use a thermometer for routine check-ups making visits to the vet more stress free for your pet. 

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From the 1 July 2018, all dogs and cats born after the 1 July 2018 must be desexed by a registered veterinary surgeon:

- before it is 6 months of age; or
- within 28 days after the owner takes possession of the dog or cat; or
- if the owner of a dog or cat is granted an extension of time, before the day specified in the exemption.

Contact us about desexing or find out more about the procedure here.

More Information

If you would like more information on the changes please see or see below for more information on these services.

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