10 Signs Vet Nursing is For You

10. You will never feature in Better Homes and Gardens due to the fur tumbleweeds inside your house and the patches of destroyed lawn from digging and poo “landmines”. But you wouldn’t have it any other way

9. You are happy to work long hours, with small financial gain, as long as you cuddle at least one cute animal in your working day.

8. You don’t mind drinking lukewarm tea/coffee with the occasional unidentified hair (it’s extra protein).

7. You are partially superstitious and saying the “Q” word (quiet) is forbidden.

6. At a party you make a beeline for all the resident pets and become besties before leaving.

5. You LOVE watching medical shows on TV, and actively seek pus-filled videos on the internet, however, you stand by the fact that humans gross you out.

4. You want a career that does not deal with people **SPOILER ALERT** we deal with more people than animals in general practice.

3. You think that infinite bruises, scars and scabs from scratches, bites and “playful” pets add to your hard-core animal lover image and you show them to your friends like honour badges.

2. Your multi-tasking skills are phenomenal, catering for yourself and others whilst being powered on one small chocolate bar that you ate 7 hours ago.

1. Above all else you are compassionate and treat every adorable animal with love and care as if they were your own special fur babies.

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