A Day in the Life at Doggy DayCare

A lot goes on behind the scenes before you drop off your furry family members at daycare. Our Canine Educators are already hard at work getting everything ready to make the day as fun as possible! A lot of people think daycare is all about getting cuddles with all the pawsome dogs, which we do very much get and love, but a lot of preparation, training and hard work goes into making their visit a success and so that your pups can get the most out of it.

As you can imagine, looking after many dogs can get quite busy and messy. I’m sure you’ve all seen our licky mats the dogs love to get into!

Our team are constantly on the move cleaning, making enrichment treats or lunches, providing clean water all while keeping an eye on all the dogs while they play with each other, toys or even have a Birthday Pawty!

At Doggy Daycare the care of our doggy guests is paramount! We spend all day with our daycare furry family and we get to know every individual very well. Our Canine educators handpick the playgroups so that play can be catered to each personality and each dog can enjoy playtime. We understand that each dog is different so we want dogs to be able to play the way they feel most comfortable. We also keep an eye out on playtime to see if anyone is getting a bit tired or just needs a time out – we all know the 2-minute zoomer pups and then playtime is over. We will give them a break in the private zen pens. With Zen pens, we prepare individual relaxed spaces giving dogs their own comfy bed, enrichment toys and play meditation music to help them relax.

During the day we have structured activities during their visit like tennis ball mania, tug of war, ball pit craziness, ice and water play to provide both mental and physical enrichment which is vital to our dogs! Most importantly we also schedule zen time. Individual zen time can occur throughout the day but we also schedule daily zen time for all our guests. We turn off the lights and put on calming music for an hour to encourage the dogs to settle themselves and have some downtime.

There is never a dull moment working at the Doggy Daycare, which we love! We make sure the day involves everything your dog needs so when they come home to you they have been stimulated both physically and mentally and been able to have a good play with their buddies.

As the evening rolls along and our furry friends start to go home, our hard-working canine educators begin the cleanup and preparation for the next day. Pens are disinfected with veterinary grade disinfectant, swept, mopped and steam cleaned. Bowls, toys and food puzzles are cleaned and washed. All set up for another fun-packed day to start.

We then have a look through our bookings for the next day. We prepare assessments for new dogs who are coming in for their first visit and we follow up with other clients who wish to speak with us.

Then it's home time. Our canine educators go home to spend time with their own special furry friends and look forward to their next day of fun with your pooches.

People say we have the best job and we agree that we do! A lot of hard work and preparation goes into running our daycare the special AdelaideVet way and all of our educators enjoy every minute of it and it's safe to say so do the dogs that spend the day with us.

If you want to find out more about Doggy Daycare or even enrol your furry friend, enquire here.

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