A Day in the Life of a Cat Boarder

Ever wondered what your precious kitty might be getting up to while in boarding at one of our catteries?  Let us tell you how your fur baby spends their day!

Cosmos pictured here is a frequent boarder at AdelaideVet Prospect. He has come a long way since he first started boarding there and he makes himself right at home once he has settled in each time he visits.

When his family are ready to leave for their holiday, Cosmos is brought into the clinic and checked in for his stay. Our lovely reception staff go through what Cosmos’ daily eating habits are and any special requirements they might have. These may include giving him a daily brush, medication instructions, and even if they would like any update emails and photos sent while they are away.

Cosmos is then taken into a quiet room where one of our Animal Caretakers do a 12 point health check so we may pick-up any abnormalities before he goes into boarding. He will have his heart, respiratory rate, teeth, ears, eyes, abdomen, skin and weight checked. This information will then be recorded on his file so we have all this information for future reference.

Once Cosmos has received his health check he will be taken next door to the cat boarding facility to settle in.

The AdelaideVet Prospect cat boarding facility can accommodate up to 30 cats. It is fitted with air-conditioning for climate control and each cage has ventilation ducts so your kitty is kept at a comfortable temperature. Our boarding facility is set up with Feliway diffusers and spray, this product contains synthetic feline facial pheromones and helps create a calm environment. Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by animals to confirm their territory and to communicate with others. It aids in helping settle and calm cats in unknown or stressful environments along with helping prevent urine spraying by cats.

An Animal Caretaker will set up Cosmos’ cage with some water, food a litter tray and any favourite bedding or toys from home that he is familiar with. We encourage owners to bring in something that their fur baby is familiar with to help them settle into boarding. The Caretaker will then spend a bit of time with Cosmos to help settle him in, as he is very familiar with boarding he will usually have a quick look around and then demand some pats from our staff by rubbing up against their legs!

The Prospect cat boarding facility has a cat run which allows us to give our guests some time out of their room for a stretch and a walk around, there are plenty of toys, scratching posts, beds and a hammock for them to relax in. Cosmos enjoys his freedom out of his room for a look around each day but he will return back to his suite and meow at us when it’s time to be fed.

Once Cosmos has had his dinner he likes to have one last walk and stretch for the day and then it’s time to relax for the night, so he puts himself to bed. We will then lock up boarding when all our guests are ready for bed.

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