AdelaideVet Team Building Day

There is no doubt that this last year has been difficult for everyone, including our team at AdelaideVet. To reward our team for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year, we celebrated with a fun and challenging team building day!

In October the AdelaideVet team took it outdoors to the Woodhouse Activity Centre - Challenge Hill! It was a relatively freezing day but we were all ready and waiting to take on the challenges set out for us. This was an opportunity to bring the team at AdelaideVet together to conquer some big challenges and work as a team to overcome our fears!

Equipped with over 30 obstacles we tackled one at a time weaving, roping and leaping through them all. It didn’t go without some ego-bruising and mild hypothermia as a few of us didn’t quite make it over the freezing elements of the creek as we attempted to swing like Tarzan to the other side.

It was definitely a change of scenery to the hustle and bustle of the busy veterinary hospitals. At AdelaideVet we know how important it is to bring a team together to have some fun, and that we did! Throughout the day we completed Challenge Hill, The Labyrinth, Tube Sliding (oh what fun) and Disc Golf!

During this adventure, we set up camp (at least for a little while) to sit and enjoy some local paella from the taste of Spain! We were all exhausted and knew we would be sore the next day, but the smiles and laughter were evident on everyone’s faces.

We worked as a group to get the best outcome and it reminded us that we can accomplish so much with a committed, hardworking team. This is proven daily at the veterinary clinic when we help treat and save your furry friends.

Written by Tayla Atkinson, Veterinary Nurse.

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