Agility at Home and Doggy Daycare

Dog Agility - At Home & Doggy Daycare

Breeds such as Border Collies and Kelpies and even cattle dogs spring to mind when you think of dog agility. But did you know that any breed of dog can do agility? Agility is a great way to exercise not just a dog's body, but also their mind as well. By working together to learn and then perform the obstacles you can really strengthen the bond between you and your dog, all while having lots of fun together. Agility training builds confidence, fitness, speed and flexibility as well as body awareness in your dog.

At AdelaideVet Doggy Daycare we see a lot of very active and intelligent dogs that would thrive on the fun and engaging sport that is agility. Agility is something that you can even do in your own backyard and something that we try to incorporate into the dogs play at Doggy Daycare. At Doggy Daycare we have various wooden obstacles that the dogs love to jump on, run under and play chasey around all the time. There are a few things that you can buy from Kmart and Ikea as well as other things that can be used to make your own agility course at home.

You can buy a child’s tunnel from Ikea and kids play equipment such as hurdles, agility training poles, cones, poles and hoops all from Kmart. All of these are great for smaller dogs. For larger dogs, you can make your own agility training weave poles by using wooden or metal stakes from your local hardware store like Bunnings or Mitre-10. For jumps, a broom or rake placed between two chairs works well. To create your own doggy tunnelt use two larger child’s play hoops hammered into the ground with tent pegs placed a short distance apart with material draped over them.

The most important thing to remember is to make it a fun and rewarding experience for your dog! Take things as fast or slow as they need in order to feel confident doing what you ask of them and have fun.

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