Alfie's Toe Woes

Alfie is very happy and playful whippet pup and one of his favourite things to do is go to the dog park where he can run around with his friends.

One afternoon Alfie’s mum noticed something wasn’t right when she found him sitting alone in the middle of the park instead of bouncing around as usual. When he stood up he didn’t want to put any weight on one of his back feet and seemed to be in pain. Alfie was booked in for the next available appointment at our Prospect Road clinic to have his foot looked at.

When we saw Alfie he was still bright and happy although one of his toes on his back foot was very swollen and bruised. Because of how sore it was to touch we needed to take an X-ray so we could assess all the bones in his foot. Alfie was admitted to hospital and after some pain relief was administered, he had a general anaesthetic so we could painlessly assess and image his foot.

Alfie’s X-rays showed a nasty fracture right through the middle of one of the bones in his toe! Luckily none of his joints or ligaments were damaged so his fracture would heal with strict rest, a splint and heavily padded bandage. The most important part of Alfie’s recovery was keeping him strictly confined so his fracture could heal without moving around. This usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Even though this was really difficult, Alfie’s parents did a fantastic job keeping him restricted to minimal activity and lots of rest.

Alfie became quite a celebrity at our clinic, coming in every 4 days for his bandage to be changed, this was really important to prevent him from developing painful pressure sores. After 5 weeks of this treatment, his final bandage was removed and he was walking around perfectly. Alfie’s parents slowly re-introduced him to his regular activity levels and he’s never looked back!


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