An Outsiders Point of View

When I started at AdelaideVet in a Client Relations role I was fresh out of a hairdressing career and had zero experience in the veterinary industry. All I knew of the industry is what I had experienced myself as a client, coming in for annual vaccinations, desexing etc. I had no idea of what actually went on behind the scenes or how amazing veterinarian staff really were.

From the long hours, lack of lunch breaks to the loss of beloved animals that become a part of our lives over the years, I have seen it all! Some days I really wish our clients could see and understand exactly what it is our amazing team does! I sometimes even wonder if our team forgets how amazing, skilled and knowledgeable they really are! How many people can leave work at the end of the day and be able to say, ‘today I was a dentist, orthopaedic surgeon, radiographer, ultrasonographer, GP, emotional support’, amongst many other things!?

A typical day starts off with our team doing rounds in hospital, just like in a human hospital. Each patient is discussed at length and a plan of action is made for their care for that day and the order of procedures is set. Before this even happens the wonderful nurses have already done their morning checks of the patient’s vital signs ready to tell the Vets how they have gone overnight.

Following this, everyone comes together as a group in the hospital to discuss what their role is for the day and any pressure points they may have. This gives us the opportunity to ensure everyone is aware of what is happening and can provide assistance where needed. Bear in mind, while this is happening we are also answering phones, admitting patients, dispensing medications and getting procedures going, all before 9 am.

Throughout the day we will have a constant stream of patients, some for routine check-ups, others being unwell pets. There is not a minute that our wonderful team is not attending to a patient or following up with clients. I was so surprised to find out that our pets have so many procedures the same as humans.

Every day I am in constant awe of how amazing our team is. Their ability to adapt to suit any situation and differing client and patient needs, all whilst keeping a smile on their face, is inspiring. The way the team pulls together during an emergency and the compassion they show for every single patient and client is nothing short of amazing!

October 9th is Vet Nurse Day and I will be looking forward to celebrating our team and making sure they take a moment to recognize how important they are to so many lives, furry, feathered or scaled!

I really wish that our team could all see themselves from my point of view and appreciate how skilled and amazing they truly are. I could not imagine working in any other industry or with any other team. These people are my family and I love them all.

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