Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) are an accredited Assistance Dog provider based in the Adelaide Hills. ALHD have been providing Hearing Assistance Dogs to people across Australia who are deaf or hard of hearing for over 40 years, having now placed over 630 dogs in the Australian community. Each Hearing Dog placed costs ALHD approximately $37,000 to raise and train and each dog is placed to someone in need, free-of-charge, something only possible with the support from Lions Clubs across Australia and donations from generous supporters.

Recently, ALHD announced the development of a Medical Alert Dog program, with a focus on Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetic Alert Dogs be placed with people who are aged 10 and up who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes and will be trained to identify changes in blood sugar levels. A Diabetic Alert Dog will recognise these fluctuations in blood glucose levels significantly earlier than the person with Diabetes, helping people avoid Hypoglycaemic events which can be severe or in some cases, fatal.

The demand for a Hearing Assistance Dog has continued to increase over the last few years, now over 70 people are currently sitting on the waitlist for a Hearing Dog. The waiting period for a Hearing Dog has exceeded 18 months to two years; combined with the high level of interest in the development of the Medical Alert Dog program, the current National Training Centre facility in Verdun, Adelaide Hills, is no longer suitable to cater to the level of services neede to provide to care for the Australian community. ALHD have launched a capital expansion project that will raise funds to develop a new training facility to replace the current National Training Centre. The new facility will enable ALHD to train and place up to 100 dogs per year, a substantial increase on the average 30 dogs currently delivered across Australia per year.

ALHD continue to provide Hearing Assistance Dogs to the deaf and hard of hearing community across Australia, free-of-charge; and in the near future will also provide Medical Alert Dogs at no cost, a first for Diabetic Alert Dogs in Australia. To help ALHD continue this great work in the community, you can donate online at or phone 08 8388 7836.

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs and AdelaideVet have a strong, long-term relationship, supporting their puppies and dogs with their Veterinary needs. ALHD are grateful for the care that AdelaideVet provide to puppies and dogs in the training program, that helps the dogs to thrive and maintain healthy, active lives.

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