Benefits of Doggy Daycare

A lot of people wonder, what are the benefits of Doggy Daycare? As a canine educator, we get asked this question all the time by our friends, family and other dog owners. There are many benefits of Doggy Daycare beyond just keeping your dog occupied for the day. Socialisation, enrichment and training are some great ones, just to name a few.

At AdelaideVet Doggy Daycare we perform an extensive pre-entry assessment for all dogs wishing to attend daycare. It's important to be aware that not every dog is suitable for this stimulating environment. In fact, daycare services could result in a negative experience for some dogs. We prioritise the safety and well-being of all of our guests to ensure a positive and fun experience, not a forced one. 

Our comprehensive pre-entry assessment involves 4 stages:

Stage 1 - Introducing the dog into the new surroundings

Stage 2 - Interacting with singular dogs, just through the fence at this stage

Stage 3 - Interacting with singular dogs, face to face but on a lead

Stage 4 - Simulation into the recommended group of the day

These stages help us to determine if attending our Doggy Daycare will provide a positive and happy experience for each particular dog. This assessment is just one aspect of our ongoing “best practice” strategy to become a leader in the Dog Daycare industry.

We've incorporated our years of veterinary experience and dog behaviour into building our unique Doggy Daycare that delivers a big list of benefits for you and your dog:
  • Safe socialising - Supervised socialising by our trained canine educators is great for all types of dogs including only fur-babies with little exposure to other dogs, dogs in adolescent years, dogs that struggle with recall, and dogs with limited opportunities to socialise with other dogs and people.
  • Physical exercise - There are lots of opportunities for play and exercise at Doggy Daycare. With agility obstacles, toys and lots of other dogs to play with. Active lifestyles are extremely beneficial to both a dog's mind and physical well-being.
  • Training - Using positive reinforcement techniques, we teach and reinforce good habits using a combination of treats, toys, attention and verbal praise. This positive approach enhances your dog's ability to learn, encourages confidence and promotes a happy, trusting relationship between your dog and people.
  • Preventing behaviour problems - We all lead busy lives and unfortunately, that means our furry family members are often left home more often than we would like. Dogs that are bored and left up to their own devices, can become destructive or develop behaviour problems such as incessant barking and anxiety. Physically active, socially engaged and mentally stimulated dogs are less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour such as digging or chewing up the furniture. Attending daycare is an excellent way to prevent boredom behaviours.
  • Assist with separation anxiety - Your dog has the opportunity for company and enrichment while away from you. If your dog has separation anxiety, contact our team.
  • Mental stimulation & enrichment - We use special food puzzles, toys and obstacles to stimulate your dog's mind while they're at daycare.  
  • Rest - Doggy Daycare at AdelaideVet has dedicated Zen Dens, to ensure your dog can also rest and relax during the day with us. Rest is an important part of a dog's day, helping them to resettle and not get overtired. 
  • Maintaining routine - Maintaining your dogs routine, one or two days a week at daycare has been proven to help maintain a dog's healthy mental well-being. And, of course, is a great outlet for your dog's energy, all whilst keeping up their socialisation skills with a variety of breeds and play styles.
  • Peace of mind – parents can rest assured knowing their dog is in a safe and happy environment while they are at work. Our team give your dog lots of attention and cuddles throughout the day and of course, so do their furry friends.
  • Dedicated care - If your dog needs special attention or has any medical requirements, our qualified team can continue medication and care as required.
  • Dog birthday parties - At AdelaideVet, we can take care of all the hard work and throw a party for your dog! Including cakes, decorations and fun games to ensure that your pup and their friends have a pawsome time! Find out more here. 
  • Protection from the weather - Our facilities are indoor and air-conditioned, so your dog will keep cool in the summer heat and safe in storms and rain. 

Find out more or enrol your dog in Doggy Daycare today!

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