Buddy's thermo microchip

Did you know we now have a new microchip that not only provides identification for your pet but also measures body temperature? It's called the Lifechip Bio-Thermo. This means we no longer need to use a thermometer for routine check-ups! The LifeChip with Bio-Thermo microchip is the first and only microchip that provides instant identification plus non-invasive temperature measure in seconds. By simply scanning the chip with our hand held reader we are able to at any time obtain a safe, accurate and efficient temperature measure without unnecessary discomfort to your pet.

Buddy the Beagle pup was micrcochipped with the Lifechip Bio-Thermo microchip a few months ago and in the photo he helped us to demonstrate how we obtained his body temperature using a scanner that can also detect his microchip number. Buddy was quite happy that there was no sight of the thermometer!

Unlike collars and pet tags, a microchip provide a permanent form of identification for your pet. If your pet is ever lost, a veterinarian, ranger or animal shelter can scan your pet for the microchip number and retrieve your contact details from the national registry.

If your pet has not been microchipped, contact us today to book your pet in.