Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation

Our cat friendly veterinary clinic reduces the stress for your cat,  now making visits to the vet easier for cats and their owners.

We are really excited to share that Adelaide Animal Hospitals Trinity Gardens' is now an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic with the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

To achieve accreditation, our practice has undergone a lengthy application process to assess our facilities to ensure that they meet the requirements of the International Society of Feline Medicine. There are three standards of accreditation; gold, silver and bronze. We are proud to advise that our practice has been awarded the gold standard! We are one of only three practices in South Australia to have met this standard so far.

We wanted to achieve this accreditation as we recognise that our feline patients have needs that are different to dogs and can find a visit to the vet very stressful. By implementing the standards of ISFM we are able to improve this experience for our feline friends and their owners.


What does this mean for your cat?

Some of the changes that have been implemented as a result of our accreditation are:

  • A separate cat only waiting area, away from dogs and the busy hustle of the main reception area and front door.
  • A 100% cat only consult room; free from doggy smells and placed at the front of the clinic with a wonderfully large window for natural sunlight and outdoor distractions for our sensitive feline patients.
  • Targeted staff training on the International Society of Feline Medicine recommended techniques for handling cats, setting up cat friendly hospital cages and educating owners.
  • Top of the line equipment, ensuring your cat is receiving the most up to date and accurate monitoring and care while staying in hospital.
  • Handouts for clients on a large range of cat related information.

 The aim of these changes is to provide a quieter, more comfortable and less stressful visit for you and your cat.


Introducing Dr Julia Nicholls

We would also like to introduce a new staff member to you all, Dr Julia Nicholls who is passionate about feline care and a great addition to our team. Julia developed a special interest in cats when they were still being treated as small dogs, and she realised that they are a wonderfully unique species with an array of interesting diseases and conditions that deserved more attention. Julia graduated from the University of Glasgow, the home of much ground breaking research into infectious diseases of cats; she has a College Membership in Feline Medicine, and has examined other veterinarians in this discipline. Julia also is a Director of the Feline Health Research Fund and the Australasian Society of Feline Medicine.

In Dr Julia’s words: “It has been really wonderful to see so much more research worldwide being devoted to cats and their needs and so many more vets becoming interested in them. My interest in cats extends to being an international cat judge and I, of course, own three cats, all Burmese.”


If you would like to learn more about our Cat Accreditation, please visit the International Cat Care website here:

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