Celeste’s New Puppies

Celeste is a Bearded Collie, who came to us when she required some help giving birth to her puppies. She presented to us on the evening of a public holiday after she started having trouble passing her puppies. Prior to coming to the vet, she had given birth to three little Bearded Collies, however, her labour stalled and her owner thought she had more puppies in her.

She was given oxytocin Injections over an hour period to try and kick start her labour again, however, this only allowed her to pass one puppy which sadly was already deceased. At this stage, we decided we needed to intervene further and it was decided she needed to have a caesarean. She was prepared for surgery and taken into theatre. The surgery itself was reasonably quick because there was only one puppy left in her uterus. We removed this remaining puppy, which was luckily still alive and passed her to the nurse to care for whilst we helped Celeste. We then sutured her uterus back together, then her abdomen so she could be returned to her brand new babies.

She went home quickly after the surgery to settle her tiny new pups at home. Celeste recovered well as did the puppies! The puppies even visited us for their vaccinations before they were sent across the country to their forever homes.

Written by Stephanie Crocker, Veterinarian.

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