DIY Hydrobaths

“How often should I wash my dog? What shampoo should I use? and Where should I wash my dog?” are just some of the questions people ask in relation to keeping their beloved companions clean.

Bathing is often done to rid pets of odours and dirt, however, some dogs require bathing more often as part of an ongoing treatment plan for certain types of skin conditions. Regular bathing also helps to reduce pollens and other irritants that often make dogs itchy. It enables skin cells to regenerate which promotes a healthy skin and coat.

At AdelaideVet, we have two locations that house a DIY Hydrobath, AdelaideVet Trinity Gardens and AdelaideVet Stirling.

There are many benefits when using one of our DIY hydrobaths, the most attractive benefit to pet owners being simply that it is convenient and your home is not left smelling like you have just washed your dog (leaving behind that tell-tale wet dog smell)! As it is ‘do it yourself’, your pet is washed by you and not left with an unfamiliar person to be groomed.

Our DIY hydrobaths use warm water through a high pressure shower head which has many therapeutic advantages including massaging your dog's skin and penetrating the coat to help remove the undercoat, especially with long haired dogs. We supply Dermcare Natural Shampoo which is a mild hypo-allergenic shampoo and contains coconut oil which is gentle on the skin and tough on dirt.

Our Trinity Gardens  DIY hydrobath is located at the front of the clinic and is housed in its own secure room, it is easily accessible from the carpark. Our DIY hydrobath at AdelaideVet Stirling is located in our puppy preschool room. The room is fully enclosed so you know that your dog is in a safe environment out of the harsh weather conditions and away from cars. The room is also temperature controlled – air conditioning for the hotter months and heating for the cooler months. A ramp is supplied and is connected to the hydrobath to enable larger dogs easier access to the bath.

There is no time limit when using our hydrobaths as long as you are considerate of others if they are booked in straight after you. Our DIY hydrobath is easy to use and has step by step instructions to follow. The nurses are more than happy to help you setup and get ready to wash your dog if you are unfamiliar with our hydrobath. Another added benefit to using one the AdelaideVet DIY hydrobaths is knowing that in between each and every use the bath itself is fully flushed and cleaned using a veterinary grade microbicidal cleaner. This ensures that the bath is clear of any bacteria or commonly found fungal spores like Ringworm.

To ensure your dog is thoroughly dry after their bath, we also provide a dog grooming salon style dryer. This dryer uses lukewarm air to dry your dog's coat without damaging the skin and also helps to remove any shedding undercoat. Drying your dog this way will also help reduce the risk of your dog getting a bacterial skin infection known as a hot spot which is quite common amongst long coated breed dogs, such as Golden Retrievers. Hot spots can occur for a number of reasons, one of the most common causes is because a dog has been bathed and not dried thoroughly.

If you would like to book in for a hydrobath, please phone AdelaideVet Stirling 8169 9766 or AdelaideVet Trinity Gardens 8169 9777.

We look forward to seeing you and your pooch soon!

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