Enrichment for our Pets

Providing a loving and interesting environment for our pets is very important for their health and well being. Enrichment for pets means to improve or enhance the quality and value of their life. There are different enrichment areas such as food, social, environment and play. Some options of enrichment tools are food puzzles, kongs and even fun toys you can make at home to interact with them. Dogs and cats both have different needs of enrichment and this will be discussed.

One of the best things in a dog’s day is when you take them for a walk, they love using their noses as well as interacting with new environments. Some other ways to help enrich a dog's life is to challenge the dog to search for their food, a way to do this is to provide a puzzle feeder for the pet, this is a great interactive toy for breakfast and dinner. You can also hide food around the house so they can scavenge, or even put some treats into a kong to stimulate their foraging ability. Always keep in mind the amount of food you are giving them as you do not want to give much fatty or salty food, so make a nutritional plan for the day.

Who doesn’t love spending some quality time with their cat? They also have many enrichment tools that we can provide them, such as scratching poles, also fun and interactive toys that you can even make at home. Whilst we know cats love being outside, it is very important to keep them in as well for their health and safety. Cat’s love investigating everything, so to keep them occupied you can make a foraging toy, simply by finding an old shoebox or cereal box you can make a food enrichment tool by hiding food in the box. To satisfy your cat's prey drive you can hide food around the house even on top of their scratching pole. To avoid the undesired chewing of furniture items you can provide cat grass or catnip, you can buy these items from most pet stores.

Enrichment for our pets is quite easy as well as fun for the owner to create and provide. Please keep in mind the nutritional intake for your pet's health and also the safety of the enrichment tool. Our pet's health and well-being matter to us and the enrichment options provided will keep them very happy.

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