Hudson's Weight Loss Wonders

Hudson Before

Just like in humans, being overweight can cause our pets a whole host of issues including; joint pain, heart disease and increased blood pressure, respiratory difficulty, heat intolerance, decreased liver function, increased surgical and anaesthetic risks, digestive disorders, increased risk of diabetes mellitus and a decreased quality and length of life.

Have you been told your pet would benefit from losing a little of their ‘puppy’ fat? Easier said than done, we know! However here is a little success story to keep you motivated, Our Goodwood Road Team Leader Kat, talks about Hudson, a beautiful Labrador who started on his weight loss journey four years ago, and the result of his Mum Nadia’s hard work!

I first met Nadia and Hudson at the dog park, where Hudson, being an exuberant 3 year old Labrador came racing over for the treats I had in my pocket. Nadia and I got talking, she was having trouble getting Hudson to lose weight, so I suggested coming into our Goodwood Road Clinic for a weigh-in and check up with the vet so that we could get Hudson onto the right plan for both of them.

Hudson Today!

To reach their target weight, Nadia changed Hudson’s food to a lower fat diet and increased his exercise. She has also been checking in with us for regular weigh-ins and pep talks so that we can reassess each time and continue encouraging Nadia.In 2014 Hudson weighed in at a whopping 44.1kg. It’s taken 4 years of determination and dedication but Nadia has worked wonders getting Hudson down to his perfect weight of 31.8kg. That’s a weight loss of nearly 12.5kg!!!

It’s been an amazing journey for Hudson and Nadia and I’m so proud of them. Hudson has even more energy now and is happier than ever!

If you need guidance to help your precious pooch, or furry feline lose a few extra kilos, don’t hesitate to call one of our clinics. We can help you with a body score assessment, nutritional advice, diet and exercise plan and regular weigh-ins. We are here to make the journey that little bit easier.

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