Jatz’ New Look on Life

The day had started out like any other. For Jatz that meant a 7am wake up and a bowl of his favourite chicken breakfast. The word ‘walkies’ was uttered from another room and suddenly he was all ears. The park was a hive of activity with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages congregating for their daily exercise and socialisation. Jatz caught sight of another dog, both their tails in the air swaying in gentle unison, permitting a closer interaction… 

Moments later there was a shill cry from Jatz’ as he quickly retreated with a bloodshot eye. His owner, Molly, knew straight away something wasn’t right and took him straight to the clinic. 

Jatz’ presented to our Goodwood Road clinic and was immediately taken into hospital for examination. His right eye had proptosed (prolapsed) out of its socket. His sclera which is normally bright white was red and swollen. Ocular examination revealed multiple cranial nerve deficits. He had a negative blink test (menace), touch (palpebral) and his pupil did not change in response to light (pupillary light reflex). Jatz was blind. On top of this, the pressure within his right eye was 81mmhg (that’s 4x what it should be!) which is incredibly painful. Unfortunately for Jatz, he had lost vision in the affected eye, likely due to trauma. He was diagnosed with traumatic proptosis with secondary glaucoma - (or a prolapsed eye for less of a mouthful) and promptly treated with pain relief. We referred Jatz to an ophthalmology specialist the same day who confirmed the diagnosis. He returned to us that evening for pain relief overnight and surgery (enucleation) to remove the painful eye the next day. 

Jatz has since been adjusting incredibly well to life with one eye (in fact, manoeuvring around with his post-surgery bucket collar has presented more challenges!) Sometimes he gets a little startled (not surprisingly with his new ‘blind spot’), but is still able to see and enjoy everyday life, like a walk at the park or his favourite chicken breakfast. 

Written by Dr Magnolia Bell


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