Jesters Fight For Life After Dog Bite

Jester is a beautiful female Laekenois Belgian Shepherd puppy that had a very unfortunate incident with another dog.  Jester was bitten on the head by an adult Belgian Shepherd causing her to have a cracked skull and a very swollen left eye.  Jester was rushed into the hospital where she was recumbent and unresponsive. Emergency treatment was started and her vital signs checked to ensure she didn’t deteriorate.

Jester was rushed into the radiography room for skull x-rays to assess the extent of the damage. Prior to the x-ray being taken Jester happened to have a seizure raising concerns that there may be further damage to the brain itself. Jester continued to show signs of depression and extreme pain, however, with ongoing heavy pain relief and anti-seizure medications these signs were eventually controlled.

Jester, once stable enough for an anaesthetic, was moved into the surgery unit. The exposed brain was assessed and the fragments carefully repaired over the top. Fracture repair surgery so close to the brain can be quite risky as many things can go wrong,  but luckily for Jester, she was in safe hands with Dr David Mason.

Even though the surgery was a success this does not necessarily mean that Jester was in the all clear. An external examination of the exposed brain during surgery appeared to show everything as all ok but you can still have trauma to the brain in other locations not visible. Jester continued to show intermittent signs of extreme pain and depression in hospital and the team did everything possible to relieve her of her pain, which resulted in a speedy recovery.

Jester remained in hospital with constant monitoring for four days. The pain did subside and Jester’s happy, playful puppy behaviour started to return. She was discharged to her adoring and devoted owners and is now doing very well. Her owners say that it is like nothing ever happened.

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